Super Values Award

The IVET Super-values award recognises examples of people who have contributed to people or society in an authentically super-values way. To be recognised, the contribution must be carried out in an authentically values way, and in a way that was meaningful to the person who benefited.

What Are Super Values?
Positive human values are expressed in words such as courage, respect, hope, love, friendship, honesty and trust. Super values emerge from a deeper awareness of how the individual values are interconnected. They are expressed in the highest forms of personal and social behaviour. These competencies of character include being: altruistic, harmonious, peaceful, communicatively competent, accountable, relationally trustworthy, resilient, authentic, self-led, moral, educated, at ease with complexity, courteous, egoless, culturally sensitive, truthful, disciplined, ethically intelligent, wise and with a sense of justice.

How to Propose Someone or Vote
You can recommend someone for an award or vote for your favorites as outlined below:

  • Go to the Award Board (see below)
  • The Board lists new proposals (in the “feedback” column), approved proposals (in the “under review” column), commendations (in the “planned” column) and awards (in the “in progress” column)
  • To propose someone, click on the “+” button at the top of the page next to the Search box
  • To vote for someone, click their “up arrow”
  • New proposals will be checked against the criteria above. They will either be moved to the “approved” column where we feel they meet the criteria or removed.
  • To go to the Award Board, click here.