Promoting social transformation through greater engagement with positive universal values.

A message from our founder, Dr Neil Hawkes …

” I am writing this personal message at an unprecedented time of national and international anxiety created by the outbreak of a virulent coronavirus. Humanity is facing so many complex challenges: a lack of ethical leadership, existential threats from nature, overwhelming feelings of anxiety and helplessness. People are crying out for solutions.

Our world so desperately needs hope. The IVET Foundation is bringing this hope, by creating a movement that has the potential to transform society, so that we can live in harmony with each other and ensure the sustainability of our planet.

My personal hope is that you will feel inspired to join our movement by embracing in your life; modelling in your behaviour positive human values, such as respect, honesty, integrity, truth, compassion and justice.

I am convinced that if each of us lives these values, in every aspect of our lives, then humanity and our world will be sustained.”