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We invite you to join our Foundation as an Affiliate Member. The only qualification is that you agree to promote the Affiliates’ Charter in your own life and work.

The Foundation welcomes the support of individuals, organisations, businesses, schools, colleges, universities and charities that sign-up to the charter of affiliation.

Affiliation has two main purposes:

  1. To acknowledge and celebrate individuals and organisations that actively live and promote the principles of the Charter of Affiliation.
  2. To inspire a movement of like-minded individuals and organisations that actively works to encourage the transformation of society, so that it reflects positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, equality, justice and harmony. The impact of our movement will be the wellbeing of the individual and the sustainability of our world.

Becoming an affiliate
To become an affiliate, please send an email to:

We invite affiliates, individuals and organisations to make a donation to the IVET Foundation, which will enable our charity to support the activities and objectives set out in this website.

You will help us make a difference in the world.

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