Tony Eaude’s NAPE Schiller Lecture

The Christian Schiller Lecture

Dr Tony Eaude (IVET Affiliate) is an educational expert with a deep understanding about how children best learn in a rich and broadly based curriculum. He explains why a balanced and broadly-based curriculum matters – particularly for young children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Tony was the keynote speaker for the Schiller Lecture this year at the Conference. Dr. Eaude has published widely on a range of educational topics extending from pedagogy in the classroom to children’s moral, social and cultural development, earning himself the reputation as one of the most articulate and enlightened voices in the primary sector. His most recent book (2020), Identity, Culture and Belonging: Educating Young Children for a Changing World, characteristically draws on his wealth of teaching experience in the primary school, including headship and his insights into the changing contexts for schooling and children’s development.

You can hear Tony by following the link: